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Most snake species are not harmful to humans, but there is always the risk of being bitten or even killed by one. Snakes in Florence can be a danger to pets as well as people. If you have found snakes on your property call AAAC Wildlife Removal of Florence today for immediate assistance!

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We are proud to offer Florence wildlife removal services to the surrounding areas of Bennettsville, Bishopville, Darlington, Dillon, Five Forks, Forest Acres, Greenwood, Hartsville, Lake City, Marion, Mullins, Oak Grove and more!

Snake Removal in Florence

A lot of people will think that snakes are scary but there is a benefit to them. Snakes in Florence, South Carolina are beneficial for the ecosystem because they control rodent populations. However, some species can be dangerous if you’re not careful around them like rattlesnakes, cottonmouths, and copperheads, which are venomous.

Snakes do not have a lot of space to thrive in, due to encroachment on their habitat by humans beings. That’s why snake removal in Florence is necessary because they are harmful especially when they are living around your home. Experts at AAAC Wildlife Removal of Florence will take care of them for you. Call us today for an assessment!

Non Venomous Snakes in Florence, South Carolina

Corn Snake

Corn Snakes are very calm, docile snakes that can be easily handled. Most are an attractive orange color with black chevron shapes running down the back. Native to the southeastern United States, they are well-adapted to living in woodlands and fields. They prefer loose soil where they can burrow beneath logs or rocks to wait for their prey (rodents and small birds). When cornered, they tend to remain motionless rather than flee or bite.

Rat Snake

Rat Snakes are most known for their rodent-hunting technique. They will climb trees and bushes in search of a nocturnal rodent, tree dwelling lizard or bird’s nest. Once they find their prey they will entwine it and bring it back to the ground for consumption. When captured, rat snakes can emit a foul smelling musk from scent glands located on either side of their vent. This musk is meant to deter predators, but if handled improperly it can cause nausea, vomiting and respiratory distress in humans.

Garter Snake

One of the most widespread snakes in North America, Garter Snakes are highly variable in color, pattern and size. They are very common throughout South Carolina. Like all other snakes, garter snakes are carnivores. They eat earthworms, small fish, amphibians and some insects. Garter Snakes live in meadows, swamps, wet woodlands, streamsides, and gardens.

King Snake

King Snakes are know for their bold color patterns, which vary greatly across their range. They are most commonly seen in sandy coastal areas and live in close proximity to human residences. King Snakes feed primarily on other snakes (including venomous snakes), but they will also consume lizards, rodents and small birds if given the opportunity. They look very much like the venomous coral snake but they lack the red, yellow and black bands.

Rough Green Snake

These snakes have a vibrant green color that is often accented by a yellow or orange neck. They are relatively small in size and are very common across much of South Carolina. Rough Green Snakes are most abundant along forest edges, meadows, pastures and roadsides where there is ample vegetation for them to hide beneath. Being an active forager, these snakes are often encountered crossing roads in the spring and fall when they are most active.

Black Racer

Black racers are commonly seen crossing roads in the late fall and early spring. They are frequently found with their head stuck inside of a fence post, mailbox or some other small hole which they tried to enter for shelter. Once they become aware of your presence, they will quickly flee into the adjacent vegetation. Black Racers are opportunistic hunters that feed on lizards, frogs, small birds, rodents and other snakes.

The AAAC Wildlife Removal of Florence can help you with any venomous snake removal, or for nonvenomous snakes that may be inside your home. Our wild animal removal specialists are experts at humane wildlife trapping to get rid of nuisance animals like raccoons, bats mice, rats, squirrels, and snakes if they are inside your home.

Don’t hesitate, AAAC Wildlife Removal of Florence is just a phone call away!

Venomous snakes and Non-venomous snakes in Florence, South Carolina


Copperheads are a pit viper that are well camouflaged to hunt during the day. They are typically found in wooded areas but will sometimes venture into open fields or rural residential areas. During the summer, they are most active at night and retreat to burrows or hollow logs by day. Copperheads often spend much of their time coiled up on fallen logs where they are difficult to see.


These snakes get their name from the white interior of their mouth which is often visible when they are frightened or upset. Cottonmouths are semi-aquatic and can be found in swamps, marshes, ponds and other quiet bodies of water. They feed primarily on fish but will sometimes consume rodents, amphibians and other snakes.

Timber Rattlesnake

This rattlesnake will aggressively defend itself when encountered, making a loud rasping noise by vibrating its tail against a series of horny segments at the end of its tail. There are several subspecies of timber rattlesnakes in South Carolina but they all have a brownish body with darker diamond-shaped markings down the length of their back.

Eastern Diamondback Rattlesnake

The markings on this snake are very distinctive with dark brown or black bands that contain white or yellow borders. The tip of the tail is black. Young rattlesnakes have a series of small pale dots down their back, but these dots quickly disappear as they grow older. Diamondbacks are primarily found in coastal areas where they hunt for small mammals, amphibians and birds. If you hear a buzzing sound, you are near a rattlesnake. The snake will not strike unless provoked or startled – so never approach or handle a venomous snake.

Dusky Pygmy Rattlesnake

This snake primarily lives in sandhill habitats, creek beds, longleaf pine forests, and other open woodlands. They are pit vipers which means that they have a series of tiny sensory pits between their nostrils and eyes that help them detect minute temperature changes in the air. They feed primarily on small rodents but will sometimes consume other snakes as well.

For your Florence snake removal, AAAC Wildlife Removal in Florence is always here to help!

How To Identify Venomous and Non-venomous Snakes?


Venomous snakes’ heads are triangular with a traditional diamond shape, and their heads are narrow with elliptical pupils while nonvenomous snakes’ heads are rounder in appearance with circular pupils.


Venomous snake bites can be very serious as they contain a neurotoxic substance that attacks the nervous system and heart. The signs of these types are an abrupt onset with blurred vision, severe pain in the bite area, and intense abdominal cramps.

Venomous snakes have enlarged teeth that are used for delivering the poison into their prey’s bloodstream through bites. They also open their mouths wide when threatened or in anticipation of a strike after you approach them (this is called “gaping”). Venom is injected through the snake’s fangs to kill its prey or defend itself against predators by use of a venomous bite.

On the other hand, nonvenomous snakes have small teeth that they use for biting their prey, not injecting poison. They don’t gape when threatened and will avoid contact with humans as much as possible.

To create a snake-free environment for you and your family, contact us today!

Signs of Snake Infestation

Sometimes a snake will slither into your yard or crawl up to the edge of the porch. If you spot one, it’s easy enough to find out just by looking at its body and head shape. However, sometimes snakes aren’t that obvious – like when they’re hiding in your garden or under a pile of leaves. To find out if there’s one on the property, you’ll have to do some detective work and be extra careful as they are highly sensitive to touch and movement.

There are many signs that may indicate this. One is snakeskin around the outside of your house, or in front of a door or window where they have been trying to enter. You might also notice snake droppings on your property which could be an indication that there is a snake living nearby and it’s quite possible you will see shed skin as well.

Signs of snakes around the house:

  • Finding a snakeskin on your property or near a door, window, patio.
  • Shedding snakeskin close to where you live.
  • Seeing snake droppings – these are typically dark in color and may be found outside near bushes or trees. In addition, there might be evidence of snakes in the yard such as small piles of dirt that have been turned over.
  • The sound of animals hissing or rattling near your home may be a sign there is an unwanted visitor nearby.

Signs of snakes inside your house:

  • Snakes will often enter through vents, so if you notice this happening it’s important to contact a wildlife pest control professional right away.
  • Holes in screens or other openings that may allow snakes to enter are another sign of their presence inside the home, and these should be repaired as soon as possible.
  • You might notice signs of an infestation such as small piles of dirt that have been turned over by your pet, or droppings near a door or window.

The signs of snake presence can be tricky to identify, but don’t let this discourage you from doing what needs to be done in order to get rid of them for good! If you are still unsure about whether you have a wildlife problem on your property, it’s important that you contact AAAC Wildlife Removal in Florence for an inspection!

How to Get Rid of Snakes in Florence?

Snakes can enter Florence homes without being detected and bite people while they sleep.

  • You should clear your property
  • Make sure you have no food that attracts snakes
  • Check back on the area often to make sure there are no new snake sightings

Eliminate food sources

You can eliminate food sources by using a rake to remove piles of leaves, mulch, or other organic matter from around the property. You should also clear debris away from areas where pets might be and children play; this includes gutters and flowerbeds. Keep weeds cut low in yards, gardens, and compost heaps.

Also, regularly check under and inside any outbuildings or sheds, including wood piles for snakes looking for a cool place to hide during the day. Keep garbage cans tightly closed with lids that have no holes in them. Snakes will smell food if they’re around.

Experts at AAAC Wildlife Removal of Florence are always here for your wildlife issue in Florence, South Carolina.

Clear up Snake Habitats

  • Brush piles: Snakes love to hide in brush piles because they are dense, offering protection for the snake without sacrificing maneuverability. Snakes are very good at traveling through dense brush and vegetation, so brush piles offer maximum security, comfort, and an easy place to stage hunts for rodents, lizards, reptiles, and other snakes. It’s a good idea to clear brush from around your home to keep these critters away. It might be time for a bon fire!
  • Logs And Fallen Trees: Old wood, (whether downed in the forest or sitting in your yard) makes a great home for snakes. Of course, not all snake species are well suited to live inside of an old hollowed out tree trunk or inside the dark recesses within the bark of a rotting log, but many are. Snakes that spend time living in logs and fallen trees include kingsnakes, garter snakes, black racers, and corn snakes.
  • Dense vegetation: If you haven’t trimmed up around the lawn in a long time, you may have created an ideal habitat for snakes. Snakes love to crawl around in tall grasses and vegetation, especially the kind that borders bodies of water like creeks or ponds.
  • Water sources: Snakes are attracted to areas where their prey live or congregate, so it’s no surprise that many species of snakes will search out places close to water sources. A particularly popular place to find snakes is the edge of bodies of water like creeks or ponds, but not necessarily in the water itself. If you have a pond or body of water near your home, try to clear and landscape around the area if you plan to enjoy it snake free.
  • Tree holes: Snakes love to crawl around in tree branches where they can easily reach bird nests and find plenty of prey to eat, so it doesn’t come as a surprise. It’s a perfect location for snakes. It can be a difficult to find a snake in a tree, but they’re usually near the top branches which gives them an advantage. Snakes also love to crawl around inside trees that have been hollowed out by insects, creating cozy little dens where they can stay warm and dry during wet weather. If you are worried about snake in the home, it may be a good idea to trim branches near your roofline so snakes have less access.

Deploy Snake Repellents

Most people will want to remove snakes from their property by killing them, but it would be better to remove snakes properly. Snake repellents can also work when applied around your property. We are more than happy to regularly apply this effective repellent around your yard during the peak snake months (Spring-Fall).

If you’re unsure how to remove snakes from your property, we can help – contact us for a quote today! Snake Removal in Florence, SC is here for all of your wildlife removal needs involving the elimination of snakes from your property.

Snake Removal Florence

If you want to get rid of snakes for good, it’s best to hire our Florence based wild animal removal company to come and permanently exclude them from entering your home. Exclusion may involve building cages on all openings, doors, windows, and vents–to keep the snakes out of the home or yard. Exclusion methods are important because they will prevent other pests or animals from coming into the premises. Although you can trap snakes, it isn’t really the best way to control them because they can injure children or pets. For this, you should hire a professional service.

Our wildlife experts do not handle dogs or cats. If you need to remove a dog or cat from your area, then you should call your local animal services. However, if you have a South Carolina wildlife problem and need a wild animal control service, then you should call a nuisance wildlife control company like us!

We are happy to provide Florence wildlife control services such as snake removal, raccoon removal, bat removal, squirrel removal, rodent control, bird control, and even dead animal removal service!

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We are passionate about helping our friends, neighbors, and customers manage their wildlife issues, and keep their homes safe and secure. If you’re struggling with an uninvited guest in your house or yard, give us a call!

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