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Moles are pests that can cause damage to your lawn and garden if they go unchecked for long periods of time. They have the ability to chew uproot systems, which will eventually make it difficult or impossible for you to grow plants on your property. Luckily, AAAC Wildlife Removal of Florence provides mole removal services. Give us a call today and we will take care of your mole problem right away!

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AAAC Wildlife Removal of Florence has been in the wildlife removal business for 20 years now. We provide the best wildlife removal services to our customers in the South Carolina area, including Florence. Our team is composed of wildlife professionals who have wide knowledge and experience for your mole problems.

Mole Problem in Florence, SC

Moles are small mammals that live in underground burrows, feeding on earthworms and other insects. They prefer moist, fertile soil to build their tunnels because it is easier for them to excavate the ground. Moles can be a problem for anyone with established garden plants, especially if they are in the area. The moles’ underground world is dark and damp because they live in burrows that have a small opening to the surface of the ground for ventilation but also serve as a hiding spot from predators like cats, hawks, owls, or even coyotes.

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What do Moles Look Like?

Moles are usually brown, black, or gray with a dark stripe across their backs extending from one shoulder blade and ending at the hip. The mole’s front feet have a large claw for digging that is about an inch long. Their fur is very thick with some of their hairs being white or black on the tips. They also have eyes that are shaped differently than other mammals’ eyes – they’re shaped like a fisheye.

Mole Diet

Moles are omnivores which means that they eat meat and plants. Their diet consists of earthworms, beetles, crickets, slugs, snails, and other subterranean insects. Moles also consume plant roots from your garden or nearby vegetation as well as seeds from surface flowers such as dandelions or clover.

Mole Behavior

Moles are most active at night and can be quite stealthy. They do not make a lot of noise when they’re digging, but they do make a lot of noise when the dirt flies out. You might also have seen moles by holes in your yard or piles of dirt that suddenly appear and disappear overnight.

Moles also have powerful forelegs that they use to push soil ahead of them when digging underground tunnels. They’re also equipped with strong claws and large, curved teeth which help them break up their food as it’s eating.

Damage in Gardens

Moles are very interesting animals and they do a lot of damage in gardens. They have mounds, tunnels, and holes that can be seen above the ground. They dig deep burrows and sometimes cause damage to the plants by pulling them up as they hunt for insects below ground.

Mole holes

Moles are also known to attack lawns by making large holes, which can be detrimental not only aesthetically but structurally as well. Some mole holes can be as big as a ping-pong ball, while others are barely noticeable. The mole will often make the hole bigger by working at it and pushing dirt from one side of the mole tunnel to another in an effort to construct its burrow system. Mole holes can be a problem for the gardener as well.

Mole Tunnels

Moles have a natural instinct to create underground mazes. They rely on their powerful front claws and can dig up to 16 feet in just one hour and will often tunnel under roads, driveways, or garden beds. The mole tunnels are usually three inches wide by two inches high but the size of the burrow varies depending on whether they’re eating insects or earthworms.

They usually have a mated pair of tunnels that are used alternately. One is always ready for use while the other is filled with soil, and they will occasionally come to the surface near their feeding areas in search of food. A lot of moles will build a tunnel system that is largely horizontal, but moles also dig vertical tunnels to explore the surface of their habitat.

Mole Mounds

The mounds or heaps of pushed-up earth can be seen on lawns where moles have been active. The mounds or molehills cover up to 70% of their body weight in one day just by digging for food! These molehills have openings on one side and exit mounds on the other.

If you spot a molehill in your area, it could be an early warning sign of moles infestation as moles will always build their homes out of dirt and sand below surface level while tunneling for a food source with nocturnal activity during dawn or dusk hours.

How to Get Rid of Moles?

Moles are not a good thing to have in your yard. They dig large holes and can cause damages to the soil, lawns, and gardens. Here are some of the ways in which you might get rid of them from your yard:

  • Loud noises seem to scare away some pests that make their homes underground like gophers and voles.
  • Mow the lawn regularly to keep vegetation short, but never cut off more than one-third of the height at a time; cutting too much will make it hard for new plants to grow in and hold soil near their roots.
  • If you have fruit trees in your yard, be sure to train young shoots away from tree trunks where there might be a mole, because moles sometimes eat the bark of young trees.
  • Remember to clean up your garden or yard regularly and trim plants as needed to keep them healthy and strong so they can fight off pests like moles, gophers, or voles that might come in looking for a source of food.

Mole Control in Florence, SC

Moles can do significant damage to landscaping when they burrow into garden beds while looking for grubs and worms which make up their diet. Mole removal is a service that can be provided by wildlife pest control companies. This is also a vital part of maintaining an attractive, healthy lawn. If moles are a nuisance in your garden, you can make use of mole traps or mole repellents.

Mole Repellents

Moles can be deterred by using special mole repellent. Some commercial products are effective in driving moles away from the treated area. Using a mole repellent like castor oil to keep moles away from certain areas of your garden can also help. Castor oil can be sprayed around the perimeter of your area.

Some people spray castor oil as home remedies to get rid of moles naturally. However, the downside to using castor oil is that it may take a long time for the repellant to work and you would also have to reapply it often in order to maintain its effectiveness.

Mole Traps

Mole trapping is a very effective way to get rid of moles from your yard or lawn, but it can be difficult without professional help. A mole trap is a device designed to catch moles alive. Mole traps can be set up either at the mouth of moles’ tunnels or where molehills are found and then covered with a light layer of soil so that moles cannot see them from outside their holes.

Bait traps may be a good option for your situation. Bait traps are used to lure moles into them by using the animal’s favorite food – earthworms or grubs. The trap is then set in a location where there has been lots of mole activity detected. Once they enter, the trap door shuts behind them and they can’t escape.

Damage Repair and Mole Control services

You may not notice them until the damage is done because moles burrow underground during the day and come out at night to eat. The damages that moles cause includes destroying plant roots which reduces water uptake from the soil as well as damaging irrigation systems by collapsing pipes.

The damages or holes created are usually filled in with dirt and seeded to allow grass to grow again which lessens the chances of moles returning. These damages can be repaired by a professional mole damage repair service. We can help you get rid of moles but also repair the damages they have caused in your lawn or yard. These animals can leave you with unsightly holes and scratches, or even the need to remove a tree in your yard or lawn that was damaged by digging activity.

Our team of professionals will assess what needs to be done for damage repair so you have peace of mind that any mole-related issue is resolved quickly and effectively.

Mole Removal Florence, SC

When removing wildlife from your property, there are different factors that need to be taken into account. Some wild animals are protected in particular areas which need to be removed humanely, so hiring a qualified wildlife specialist would be the best option.

Experts at AAAC Wildlife Removal of Florence are happy to help you with wildlife removal services such as:

  • Mole Removal
  • Bat Removal
  • Squirrel Removal
  • Rat Control
  • Bird Control
  • Raccoon Removal
  • Skunk Control
  • Beaver Removal
  • Canada Goose Control
  • Snake Removal
  • Coyote Removal

AAAC Wildlife Removal of Florence is a state-licensed and insured company. Our experts are well-trained in removing wildlife from your property, from small to large-scale removal jobs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best way to get rid of ground moles?

Ground moles are a problem in many gardens. They can easily cause havoc and destroy your yard or garden by digging tunnels under the surface, leaving molehills all over the place which are hard to remove.

If you have moles in the garden, you can get rid of moles by removing their food sources and trying to discourage moles from coming back. But if moles are damaging the garden then you can get rid of moles with traps or installing barriers underground around plants so moles cannot access them. You may also need to manually remove some dirt mounds.

Are moles bad for your garden?

Moles are bad for your garden because they’ll create a large molehill in your lawn or flower bed that will spread out over time to cover other parts of the same area as well. They will often create burrows that extend well beyond their tunnel systems. These tunnels are unsightly and dangerous for both homeowners and pets because they may lead into your home or other buildings.

Why do I have moles in my garden?

Moles are attracted to moist, nutrient-rich soil. Moles can also be attracted to your garden because of the abundance of insects or worms. They feed on the plant roots and trees that grow in their tunnel system. Moles can also eat and destroy the bark of trees, which will eventually kill them.

What attracts moles to your garden?

Moles are not attracted by bright colors, but they do like areas where the soil is loose and moist, which means that if you have moles in your garden it’s time for some changes such as adding mulch to the soil and mowing grass shorter. Moles have a keen sense of smell, so they’re also drawn to the scent of decomposing matter in your garden’s soil. When you have lots of molehills or mounds, this means moles are quite happy in your garden.

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