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Canada goose in your yard can be a nuisance and an inconvenience. Some people don't know how to get rid of geese, but there are many ways to solve the problem. AAAC Wildlife Removal of Florence is here to help with all your wildlife problems. Contact us now for an appointment!

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With our wildlife removal services, you will never have to see a goose on your property again! The experts at AAAC Wildlife Removal of Florence have been trained in goose removal for years and will never leave until your yard is clean! Contact us now for your goose removal service in Florence!

Nuisance Geese in Your Lawn

Canada geese are attracted to the green lawn in your yard. They are not only noisy but they can also be quite destructive to lawns and garden plant material. They will consume all the lawn grass, leaving bare spots that are unsightly and difficult to repair. They eat grasses indiscriminately but are especially attracted to tender shoots on newly planted trees, shrubs, and flowers which causes permanent damage to your garden.

Canada geese will also leave fecal matter everywhere which can cause an unpleasant stench for people living nearby or walking through the area where these birds hang out. They are also known to contaminate water sources, including ponds and lakes through their fecal matter. This can be an issue if the goose poop has come into contact with buildings, pools, or other areas where people congregate. There is a possibility that these birds can spread illness or disease among animal species in the area as well as human beings who come into contact with contaminated water or area.

If you need help with Canada goose problems, AAAC Wildlife Removal of Florence is the company to call! We are a full-service wildlife removal service that will remove all troublesome animals from your house or yards. Our team has years of experience in dealing with a wide variety of nuisance animals and we take pride in our work by providing quality service.

Canada Goose in Florence, SC

Goose Behavior

Canada goose (Branta canadensis) is one of the most common bird species found in North America. There is no denying how beautiful these creatures really are, however, geese have a lot of negative connotations attached to them when it comes to the nuisance they can cause to humans. They come with some natural defense mechanisms that make it difficult for predators such as hawks and owls to attack them while on land. The primary defense mechanism they use is a loud honking sound that can be heard from miles away when danger approaches.

They also love nesting near water sources such as ponds, lakes, rivers, or streams because they require access to fresh water for drinking. This is usually where you’ll find them hanging out during the day before returning to land to roost at night. They’ll also hiss and if you get too close to them, will attack with their long sharp beaks by biting anything within reach. This is why it’s difficult for predators because the geese are often too busy defending themselves instead of being prey.

The best way to get rid of Canadian geese in your yard is with a wildlife removal service, which will remove them and then discourage them from coming back by installing goose deterrents like scarecrows or sprinklers that move water around at random intervals.


Canada geese are territorial and will attack any perceived threat to their nest site. They may do so during the nesting season, typically in April or May, as well as when they have goslings that need protecting. They nest in large numbers on the ground, sometimes invading homes by using up all of an area’s surface vegetation and chasing away other wildlife like deer. A female or mother goose will defend their nest and young vigorously which can lead to danger for your family and pets as they often attack in large groups.

Geese are a particular issue for businesses like golf courses because eggs might be found at ponds where Canada geese like to drink. If there are a number of Canadian geese nesting on the golf courses or parks, they will be aggressive to anyone who is within close proximity and might kick at them with their powerful feet or peck them aggressively until they move away.

If you have an issue with geese nesting in an area where they are not legally allowed, we can advise you about your options for solving the problem. We will also remove goslings at your request, whether they are in an active nest or not. During this process, we take precautions to ensure that none of them is hurt during removal due to our thorough knowledge of how much force it takes for these types of wildlife to break their eggs open.

Canada goose removal experts at AAAC Wildlife Removal of Florence will do everything we can to make sure your yard is free from geese, including their eggs and goslings!

Canada Goose Damage

When Canadian geese move into an urban or suburban area, their presence is not welcomed by residents who see them as nuisances. Canada geese can create issues for residents and businesses in a number of ways. For starters, they are known to eat the grass on lawns and fields near ponds or lakes where they gather. This has led some homeowners to install wire mesh around their property with an electric current running through it – this discourages geese from coming close to the home.

Canada geese also create problems with droppings on properties, sidewalks, and parking lots. When it comes to their waste, these birds are just as prolific as they are large. It’s important for property owners to take precautions so that their fecal matter does not accumulate, as it can create a public health hazard.

In extreme cases of geese problems or damage to property and crops, AAAC Wildlife Removal has an effective goose removal service in Florence that will take care of your Canada goose with no worries.

Goose droppings

Geese like to congregate in lawns because it gives them some protection from predators. They also enjoy the grass and bugs that are found there. The geese will often feed off of their own droppings as well, so they’ll have a higher concentration of phosphorus around the area where they eat which aids in making for healthier soil.

Goose droppings can carry different germs and can lead to various health risks. The most common infections that can be caused by Canadian goose waste are giardiasis, salmonella, cryptosporidium, and avian flu. The waste material of a Canada goose is a good environment for the growth of bacteria because it contains nitrogen which can cause skin disease if the droppings can get into the body through a cut or wound. When Canadian geese excrete, they will often fly away from the area where their droppings have fallen. This can cause paws or other body parts to come into contact with goose waste that is still wet and warm which can lead to disease transmission (through animals) as well as highly unpleasant situations for humans.

Aside from goose removal, we also know how to get rid of goose poop, feathers, and fecal matter that is left behind on roofs or grounds after the animal has been removed. Removal of feces is also an important part of our Canada goose removal service.

We will remove goose droppings from any area of the property on a regular basis. AAAC Wildlife Removal of Florence is just a phone call away!

How to Get Rid of Canada Geese?

Canada geese are beautiful creatures, but they can pose a serious problem for homeowners and commercial property owners alike. They like to hang out in grassy areas near water and food sources because that is where their food is most plentiful. Unfortunately, these same habitats also happen to be the perfect place for them to nest, lay eggs, hatch goslings and raise their young.

If you want to get rid of Canada geese and they are nesting on your property, the best way is by contacting an animal removal specialist. This will ensure that no eggs or baby geese will be accidentally harmed during any type of removal process because it requires a skilled operator with experience in bird control techniques.

For your nuisance goose, you can take a number of steps and make use of any goose repellent. Most effective and nontoxic bird repellents contain the component methyl anthranilate, so make sure to take a look at it. Here are some methods that may help you get rid of a Canada goose and keep them off your land in the future:

  • Use scare tactics such as an outdoor motion-activated sprinkler or high-powered hose nozzle to create a loud and sudden noise when the geese fly by. The sound of water will startle them away-even if there is no actual spray or stream from your sprinkler nozzle!
  • You can also make use of animal deterrents such as coyote decoys, snakes, fake owls, fake foxes, or outdoor motion-activated sprinklers to scare away the geese.
  • If any Canadian geese have made themselves at home in your yard, you can take a more proactive approach and scatter corn or bread crumbs near their favorite hangouts. The food will attract them so they’ll spend all day eating where it is available instead of foraging elsewhere on your property!
  • If you have an open pond near your property, it’s best to keep the water level low so Canadian geese don’t realize they have access to freshwater all year long. They will simply fly away to find a more suitable habitat.
  • Hang wind chimes near any area of your property where geese tend to congregate and make noise constantly. Remember that they are territorial birds, so the sound of other Canadian geese will frighten them away!
  • Get rid of grassy areas on your yard or lawn near water sources. Geese will simply move to other grassy areas on your property-unless you make it difficult for them!

We use humane methods of wildlife removal and relocation which include netting or trapping as well as bird scaring devices to make sure the geese don’t return. If you want your goose problems gone for good, call us now!

Canada Goose Deterrence

Our Goose Control program revolves around the application of Flight Control Plus, an environmentally friendly, humane deterrent that actively discourages geese from grazing on treated turf. When geese feed on treated turf, they are exposed to safe and harmless yet effective intestinal reactions. The spray enhances the grass’ ultraviolet luminescent properties, making it visible only to geese. While your grass seems normal from a human perspective (since humans cannot see ultraviolet light), geese will know without a doubt that your grass has been treated and will cause upset in their digestive tracts.

As a result of our solution, your geese avoid treated areas and find new feeding areas where they are less likely to encounter humans. A visual warning and a mild intestinal reaction equal a threat with consequences. This program requires 4-6 treatments the first year, and less each following year as you train geese off your turf.

Canada Goose Removal Florence

We provide wildlife removal services like:

  • Florence Canada goose removal
  • bat removal
  • squirrel removal
  • bird control
  • mole removal
  • skunk removal
  • rodent control
  • snake removal
  • raccoon removal

If you need a wildlife removal service in Florence, give us a call today!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get rid of Canadian geese in my yard?

If you have a goose in your yard, the first step to getting rid of it is determining if there are any natural predators such as coyotes or foxes. The next steps involve goose repellents to scare geese away from your property and removal methods. Make sure to contact a professional when you do any type of goose removal.

Other methods include putting up an electric wire fence, installing motion-sensitive sprinklers, and changing the landscaping to include bushes and flowers that geese dislike. Spraying them with water and soap in your yard as well as on the windowsills and siding to make it undesirable for them to spend time there. This will deter any other wildlife such as raccoons from making their home near you without any harm to other wildlife.

Can you legally kill Canadian geese?

Yes. Canadian geese can be killed in Florence. There is a two-week period where adult geese may not be hunted but the eggs will still hatch. This means that you might need to wait for a little bit longer before they leave your yard, mouth-watering carrots at bay as they relentlessly peck away at them.

However, you may want to remove them humanely instead of killing them. There are many benefits to getting goose control in your yard: less mess, more grass and you won’t have any nesting birds looking at the sky with empty nests. For all of these reasons and more, we recommend hiring a professional service that specializes in goose removal.

How do I get rid of Canadian geese in my pond?

Canadian geese are common visitors to ponds and lakes in the fall. Learn how to get rid of Canadian geese from a pond or lake with these tips, according to the United States Department of Agriculture’s Wildlife Services:

  • Consider posting scarecrows at your water source and using noisemakers or throw away several cans of pennies to create noise.
  • Include a dog in the yard and at your pond or lake, if possible. Geese are afraid of dogs so this will often help scare them off.
  • Install an electric fence around your pond or lake to discourage geese from coming back the following year.
  • Place wire mesh on top of a small area and fill it with cayenne pepper, chili powder, or something else that will irritate their feet when they step into the area. Geese hate this feeling so they won’t come back again.

What is the natural enemy of the Canadian geese?

Canadian Geese have a number of predators including eagles and great horned owls. Other predators include foxes, coyotes, bobcats, and wolves or dogs that hunt at night. Predators will attack young geese as they are easy prey for them. Predators will also kill adult geese as they can’t fly and are vulnerable on the ground.

How dangerous are geese?

Geese can be a bit dangerous, but in most cases they are harmless. They have been known to attack and injure humans if the geese feel threatened or think that you are trying to harm their eggs or younglings. Geese are normally timid around people and rarely attack without provocation. However they can become aggressive if provoked, but they typically fly away as soon as the human moves back. If you do find yourself near a group of geese, it is best not to approach them or make any sudden movements.

Why are Canadian geese a nuisance?

Canadian geese droppings are unsightly and can contain bacteria that can cause humans to come down with a variety of health problems, including stomach illness or respiratory disease. Droppings also pose problems for agriculture when they find their way into crops, which reduces crop yields as well as raises food costs. In addition to the danger of ammonia in droppings, the chemicals used to fertilize fields can also be transferred into soil and water as a result of geese droppings.

They also make loud noises year-round which is unpleasant to hear near homes or businesses. Geese attack humans on occasion due to the threat of their young and can be a danger to people nearby.

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