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Have you been having coyote problems? You’re not alone; coyotes are a growing problem all over the United States. These animals are very smart and they know how to get into houses, chew through fences, open doors, and more. Don’t let coyotes make your property a more dangerous place. If you need help with coyote removal in Florence South Carolina, then give AAAC Wildlife Removal of Florence a call today for an appointment!

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AAAC Wildlife Removal of Florence specialists have dealt with many different types of wildlife problems before and we are extremely well equipped for dealing with coyotes in Florence South Carolina as well. All wildlife animals come into contact with humans at some point, and coyotes are no exception. When they get into your home, or anywhere near livestock and pets it is important to take immediate action. If you need help from an expert coyote removal service in Florence South Carolina, then give us a call today!

Coyotes in Florence, South Carolina

Coyotes are a common sight in South Carolina. They usually come out at night to hunt, but sometimes they will venture onto your yard during the day if food is scarce and you have leftovers on your property that not everyone has eaten yet. You may see coyotes as cute animals, but it is important to know that they are also a threat to your property.

For residents living in a city area with coyotes present, there is an increased risk for contact. Coyotes may come into yards or go after small pets that have been left outside unsupervised. If you have coyotes on your property, or in the area where your family lives, then it is best to contact a qualified Florence Coyote Removal Professional as soon as possible so that they can help find an effective way of removing them from the area and prevent any future problems with coyote attacks!

Experts at AAAC Wildlife Removal of Florence know how to find the best way of removing coyotes from your property. We will use one or more methods, such as trapping and re-locating them, using deterrents like noisemakers that scare off coyotes or a small electric fence to keep coyotes out of an area. For complete wildlife control work, contact us now!

Coyotes Inside Your House

Coyotes are a part of nature, and they are not usually dangerous unless you threaten them somehow. However, coyotes inside your home can be dangerous to humans as well as pets. Coyotes can get inside the house by entering through pet doors, open or damaged windows and chimneys. They also have been known to enter a house by going under porches, climbing onto roofs, jumping fences, and scaling tall buildings. They will dig under fences and jump from trees to reach their desired location. Once coyotes are in your yard, they will climb on top of cars, peek up at windows, and wander around yards looking for food scraps like fruit peels, trash, and pet food.

We offer humane and safe wildlife control services in Florence for coyotes living on your property, whether they are in hiding or coming right onto it during daytime hours. Call us now!

How Do Wildlife Removal Experts Get Rid of Coyotes?

Coyotes are a common problem for many homeowners. In the past, coyote attacks on humans were rare but these days there have been more incidences of coyotes attacking pets and people in urban areas. Coyotes can be difficult to get rid of because they will often come back even when you try to remove them with traps or repellents.

There are a few ways to get rid of coyotes. There is the humane way, which would be using live traps and then moving them outside city limits where they can roam freely. It would be best to get in touch with wildlife pest control companies in order to have these animals removed from your property through humane trapping. There are some repellents like strobe lights that can be used for outside purposes, but some would use poison to get rid of coyotes. Hiring a qualified wildlife professional who deals with humane yet effective methods would be best for your Florence coyote problem.

Wildlife Removal experts generally get rid of wildlife from your property through:

  1. Identifying the coyotes around and removing their food sources on your property.
  2. Setting up traps with bait.
  3. Removing coyotes from your property and relocating them away from your home.
  4. Sealing all possible entry points.
  5. Fixing any interior or exterior damage they caused.

AAAC Wildlife Removal of Florence offers coyote removal services for your property. If you would like to learn more about how we can help with your wildlife issues, please contact AAAC Wildlife Removal today!

Ways To Keep Coyotes Away From Your Property

Coyotes can be very frustrating animals to deal with, especially when they come and invade your property. There are many ways that coyote problems can be solved, but sometimes it takes a little creativity in order to make them go away. The damages they may cause can range from minor to major and even critical wildlife problems depending on the situation. Here are some ways that you may want to try in order to discourage these wild animals from coming back or getting into your yard:

  • Put up fencing around the perimeter of your Florence home if they have been getting in through the fence or near the place that has not been properly secured.
  • You may want to consider blocking off any open windows, as coyotes have reportedly tried this on some occasions. For those who are living in areas of high coyote population density, you might also want to keep your doors closed at night and put a security system in place.
  • Set up a motion detection device outside of your home to see if you can detect any coyotes that come close or are on the property. This will allow you to know where they have been and what routes they take, making it easier for you to think about ways of deterring them from coming back again.
  • Setting up coyote traps will also be a good idea for those whose property has been being invaded by these creatures.
  • Clear the area of any food sources and cover up garbage cans: coyotes are known for being scavengers, so if there is no food available they will most likely move on in search of other prey. If your community has ordinances against feeding wildlife it’s important that you abide by those laws.

Coyote Removal Florence, SC

Trapping coyotes are a tricky and difficult task that can be accomplished through licensed trappers. It is commonly done to remove them from areas like residential communities. Humane coyote trapping can be done in one of two ways: The first is live traps, which are used when capturing a single coyote or small group of coyotes who will not pose any threat to people if they escape the trap and run away. These types of traps also use no bait that could attract other predators such as bears in residential neighborhoods, so it’s all-natural for humans and pets alike. Live traps typically have springs on the doors that close quickly when triggered by an animal inside; this poses little danger to animals caught inside because there is nothing blocking their egress once the door closes behind them.

The second way humanely trapping coyotes involves using wire cages. These cages are typically used when multiple coyotes need to be captured, or if a single coyote is being violent and poses a threat to people that needs immediate removal. This type of trap has been found by most states as an acceptable form of wildlife control because it minimizes the risk for human injury from assault.

In both cases humane trapping allows animals to be removed without harm coming to them in order to protect humans and pets alike – making sure our natural environment remains safe while we keep ourselves protected at home! When installing any kind of protective measure around your Florence property make sure to get wild animal control service providers to assist you with your wildlife problem.

Wildlife Pest Control Services

If you have a coyote issue, rodent infestation, bat problem, or even animal waste problem, you can contact us for quick and complete wildlife services. However, if you have dog or cat problems, you should contact your local animal services to have them removed.

Our wildlife services include:

  • Florence coyote removal
  • Florence bat control
  • Florence squirrel removal
  • Florence mole removal
  • Florence bird control
  • Florence raccoon removal
  • Florence fox removal
  • Florence rodent removal
  • Florence dead animal removal

If you have any wildlife control problems in Florence, you can always give us a call!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do coyotes attack humans?

Coyotes are a problem for Florence homeowners with pets or small children. Coyotes will typically stay away from human activity but sometimes if threatened they can attack, especially if they have been cornered.

How to get rid of coyotes on my property?

Here are some quick tips to get rid of coyotes from your Florence property:

  • Install motion sensor lights in high traffic areas and animal paths.
  • Cover garbage cans with fencing or a heavy lid to prevent animals from scavenging your waste.
  • Keep pets indoors at night so they won’t be preyed on by coyotes following the smell.
  • Seal any holes in the ground or gaps in your walls where coyotes might get inside undetected.
  • Feed pets indoors so they are not tempted to hunt and expose themselves to danger outdoors at night.
  • Keep an eye out for droppings, scat, tracks, burrows, and anything else that would indicate a coyote’s presence on your property just as you would with other predators such as foxes or hawks.

Are coyotes dangerous?

Coyotes are not typically dangerous to humans. However, coyote attacks on small children can become more common as coyotes get closer to residential areas and move into suburbs. Coyotes are most likely to attack small children because they may seem like easy prey, and the lack of fear around them makes it easier for a coyote to get close enough without being detected. However, adults should also be careful about keeping their pets near coyotes if possible – these animals view cats and small dogs as prey.

Coyotes become a problem when they attack and/or kill livestock and pets. Coyotes have been known to attack humans, especially small children if they are desperate. They attack those that they feel are most vulnerable. Just having a dead animal that has been eaten by a coyote does not mean that a coyote killed it; they are scavengers.
Puncture wounds around the base of the skull on the back of the neck of a dead animal, or signs of a struggle, like blood and trampled plants, can all point to a coyote attack.

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