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It may be strange to think of small birds such as pigeons, starlings, swallows, and sparrows as being capable of causing extensive structural damage, but their poop is actually highly corrosive. These pesky birds can do a lot of damage to your property if they're not taken care of appropriately. AAAC Wildlife Removal of Florence got your back! We are here to help you evict your birds, clean up the mess, and repair the damage. Call now for a consultation!

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Birds can find easy entry to your home through unprotected vents

AAAC Wildlife Removal of Florence has decades of experience in removing wildlife from homes and businesses. We provide a variety of wildlife removal services such as bird control, bat removal, squirrel removal, raccoon removal, snake removal, and more. Our wildlife control experts utilize humane and most advanced strategies to get rid of your wildlife issues. For your nuisance birds, we will remove them from your Florence property immediately and effectively!

Nuisance Birds in Florence

Throughout Florence, bird control is a hot issue with flocks of pigeons hanging around buildings, on electrical wires, and in trees. Birds are a nuisance because of their droppings that can become corrosive to structures, leave foul-smelling messes, and transmit diseases to your family members and pets.

Here are the common nuisance birds in Florence, South Carolina:


Pigeons can be found in any size of home or business. They can be found roosting on the ledges of buildings or houses and nesting under eaves where they often leave their droppings which create unhealthy environments that attract more pigeons to come into contact with humans and other animals. They also have a large, strong beak that enables them to peck through the wood structures of your house.


Starlings are one such nuisance bird that has caused a great deal of trouble for many homeowners in Florence. Starlings are mostly found near housing, and their droppings can be very corrosive to metals such as patios and car grills. Unlike pigeons, starlings are not able to create holes in solid structures. They can however cause nuisance by damaging or dislodging lead flashing that protects roofs and gutters from water leakage; they also often build their nests on ledges of windowsills.


Sparrows are nuisance birds that will perch on the edge of any open space, as well as window ledges and sills. They enjoy building nests in the exterior spaces where they live or occupying abandoned birdhouses to make their own nesting areas. They will also peck holes into the wood when trying to find nesting space or food sources, which can lead to significant damage over time as the walls become weakened.


Vultures are the most numerous nuisance wildlife species in Florence that have a number of bird complaints. Vulture’s nests can be found on the roofs of houses and buildings at heights up to ten feet high. They have been seen sitting on power lines as well as perching on rooftops where they swoop down for food when residents open their doors or windows. Vultures can damage roofs, electrical wiring, and other equipment that is crucial to the function of a house or office. They will ruin plants, dig up yards and destroy landscaping in an effort to find food sources like dead animals.


Geese typically cause problems with their droppings around swimming pools and parks. Geese have been known to perch on roofs or walkways, damaging them with their large feet. They will often leave goose droppings which can be corrosive and cause harm to buildings.


Crows tend to congregate around homes and businesses because they look for food sources such as garbage or animal waste products that may be outside of your property. In some areas, crows are also causing a problem. They can make noise and leave droppings on structures that eventually may lead to rotting wood or other material which could cause structural problems for homes with stone siding, metal roofing, or other materials that can’t withstand the crow droppings.

We provide complete wildlife pest control services for your bird problems. Give us a call now!

Bird Pest Control in Florence, South Carolina

Birds Nesting in Vent

These flying creatures can be on your roof, vent, and up into spaces, they shouldn’t be! The best way to handle these birds is with a wildlife professional who has experience removing them from all sorts of places. Wildlife professionals know how birds behave and may have a wildlife exclusion device that can be fitted to your vent or another opening.

A Florence bird removal specialist will know how birds nest in various places around the home. If you see birds nesting on tree branches outside of your window, it’s time to call an expert who can identify what kind of birds are in your yard, and how to remove them. If you have birds nesting inside a vent, a wildlife pest control expert will know the best way to get rid of these pests!


It can be hard for you alone to get rid of starlings, but with a help of a wildlife professional, you can remove starlings from your home and prevent other bird infestations in the future. Bird spikes are a great way to keep starlings from nesting on your property, but these must be installed by a professional pest control service provider because improperly placed bird spikes can cause injuries with no protection for the homeowner.


In order to get rid of sparrows, you can install bird netting. Bird netting is an excellent bird deterrent because it blocks birds from coming onto your property. You can also use get a sparrow spooker. A sparrow spooker is a scarecrow for the yard that replicates bird distress calls to deter them from landing in one place and nesting there.


There are two techniques to get rid of pigeons on your property: exclusion and abatement. Exclusion works by preventing pigeons from getting on your property or nesting in high places. You need to cover all holes where pigeons might enter through. You can also install a mesh screen on the top of your chimney. While abatement is for those who have larger, more established pigeon populations and ledges to climb on. You should also put up physical barriers to prevent pigeons from getting on your property in the first place, such as spikes and netting.


Wild bird control can be challenging but not impossible. Bird feeders attract a lot of different birds, many more than you want. There are also bird nets and scarecrows that can be used to deter birds from coming near your property, but these tend not to work very well with larger geese which can fly at heights where they’re out of reach. In these cases, pest bird control services may be necessary.

A wildlife control expert can help you with your wildlife problem. As a part of the wildlife control service, we will come out and identify the type of bird in question and then assess what measures need to be taken for bird control.


Vultures are one of the most difficult birds to remove from your Florence area because they’re so strong and persistent. Luckily there’s a solution! We can use bird spikes on houses and fences or mesh netting for tree trunks that will deter these pesky critters without harming them.

The bird spikes have a number of benefits. They prevent birds from landing on the roof for example, which not only keeps them off your home but also protects it from damage that may be caused by their droppings and nesting materials.

Florence Bird Removal Service

Birds may enter an unoccupied Florence building or home in search of a nesting site, and they will often nest on furniture, air vents, insulation materials (in the attic), and walls if allowed inside the house by openings that are too large for them to enter. Inside a residence, birds will also cause damage by roosting, feeding, and nesting.

Birds can create structural problems with their droppings by attracting insects and having parasites carried on them through feces. Bird’s nests are often located high up on buildings or in enclosed areas and can be found on ledges, rooftops, and gutters.

AAAC Wildlife Removal of Florence is expert at removing nuisance animals from your property. We leave our customers nothing but satisfied! However, if you need to remove dogs and cats from your area, you should call your local animal control services.

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Residential Bird Removal

It’s not uncommon for homeowners to see an increase in the number of birds on their property; this phenomenon can create wildlife problems with both bird droppings and noise. In addition, some homeowners have found that they are carrying diseases that could be transferred to the people living in a home.

If you are seeing more birds on your property than normal and want a solution that will protect both the health of people living in your home as well as the integrity of your Florence property’s exterior, then contact AAAC Wildlife Removal for residential bird removal.

Commercial Bird Control

Bird control is a complex process that requires a lot of knowledge and experience. Commercial Florence bird removal service providers like us are certified to handle all types of bird infestations, from simple nuisance calls to large commercial jobs involving millions of birds. Our Florence Bird Removal is a full-service bird control company that offers safe and humane solutions for dealing with any kind of pest bird. We do this through our expert use of various techniques such as deterrent gel dispensers, spikes to prevent feeding on ledges and gutters.

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We are passionate about helping our friends, neighbors, and customers manage their wildlife issues, and keep their homes safe and secure. If you’re struggling with an uninvited guest in your house or yard, give us a call!

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