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Beavers are cute and fuzzy animals, but they can be a huge problem for homeowners because they can flood and damage property by building dams in waterways. If you have a beaver problem or know someone who does, let us know so we can help! AAAC Wildlife Removal of Florence is the go-to company for all your beaver removal needs. Call us now for an assessment!

Beaver caught in a trap
Beaver caught in a trap in South Carolina

We are proud to offer Florence wildlife services to the surrounding areas of Greenville, Blythewood, Irmo, Lexington, Columbia, Chapin, Camden, Fort Mill, Rock Hill, Lake Wylie, and more!

The team of AAAC Wildlife Removal of Florence has experience in removing beavers from structures and properties, both residential and commercial. A lot of the beaver removal work involves cutting down trees that have been felled by beavers who are busy constructing their elaborate dams or lodges. But no need to worry, our licensed Florence beaver removal team can help you with beaver control as well as other animal removal needs like squirrels, bats, raccoons, and more!

Wildlife Removal in Florence, South Carolina

Beavers are interesting animals known for their ability to build dams, creeks, and ponds that help with flood control, as well as creating natural habitats for wildlife. However, when they build their home in the wrong place, they can cause a lot of problems. Beaver are very territorial and will protect their territory from other beavers and animals like wolves or coyotes by building dams that flood any land surrounding them with water to prevent intruders from coming into the area. They like to build dams and eat trees, but also do other types of damage such as chewing through power lines. So if you see any sign of beaver on your Florence property, it’s important to take care of the problem before they do more damage.

You don’t want them on your property so it’s best to call a wildlife removal specialist. For your wildlife issues, the AAAC Wildlife Removal Florence team is just a phone call away!

Beaver Wildlife Problem

Beaver damages are not just trees being cut down or chewed on, but also the dams and lodges they build with their teeth which can be seen anywhere there is water near where people live.


  • Beavers eat leaves, bark, twigs, grasses, fruits, and vegetables like apples and berries as well as eggs or rotting fish that’s washed up near their homes
  • Dams are great places to find beaver food because there is easy access to plants you could not reach if standing above water level with only your feet at the bottom
  • Beavers collect mussels while collecting freshwater clams for meals during winter
  • Beaver can also eat dead animal carcasses and raid beehives for honey although they usually do not hunt their own food. Instead, they steal it from other animals’ hunting efforts!

Appearance & Behavior

Beavers’ fur is brown with white accents on the neck, belly, tail, and feet for camouflage purposes. They also have teeth that are designed to be more like a shearing tool than an incisor, and thus they can cut down trees up to two feet in diameter. Beavers are known for their ability to dam the stream or river it inhabits by using logs, branches, mud, rocks, and whatever else they can get their paws on. They do this as a way of building homes with deep water access so during winter months when food becomes scarce these creatures will not run out of places where there’s freshwater nearby which would allow them easy access into their abode.

Beaver Dams

Beaver dams are typically built near a body of water like a pond or lake, and they extend an average of three to six feet above the surface level. They create beaver ponds that store food during times when there is no other water supply, and they provide protection from predators as well as easy access to deep pools where they spend most of their time. This may also house fish that feed on insects that live underwater; however, these benefits come with plenty of disadvantages such- including flood damage to nearby homes!

Beaver dam removal services are the most common type of beaver control and you may need to hire a Florence wildlife control professional to do it for you. These professional wildlife services should include removing all dams from any land so there’s no more flooding or damage done by these critters in that area. Your Florence wildlife pest control experts can then create safe passages over these areas so they can’t come back and build more dams.

Beaver Gnawing Tress

Beavers are animals that can be a nuisance for people in the Florence area. They cause a lot of problems for homes and businesses by damaging and destroying trees. Beaver gnawing on trees and destroying them is not only problematic but also damaging to wildlife habitat and water quality. They create these little habitats for themselves by building their homes from trees and branches. Beaver will also chew through the bark and will gnaw on it until they find an area that is soft enough to eat away at and behind droppings which can be toxic to plants, wildlife, or people if stepped in by accident.

Beaver Control in Florence, South Carolina should be considered as one option before they get out of hand and cause more damage than necessary. Wildlife trapping may be the best wildlife control if you have many critters around your home or business. If there are just a few of these animals, then installing wire barriers could help keep them away from valuable plants or structures near the pond edge.

We are here to give solutions to your wildlife problems through our complete Florence wildlife services. Call AAAC Wildlife Removal of Florence now for an appointment!

How to Get Rid of Beavers?

Protecting your home starts with knowing where beavers might set up camp; these areas can include creeks, rivers, lakeshores, and wetlands. You should also beware that large trees may attract beavers because they provide steady access to fresh leaves as well as protection from predators like coyotes who do not enjoy climbing trees.

Wildlife trapping in Florence is typically done for beavers that are damaging property. Beaver removal can be accomplished humanely by using wildlife traps. The most common beaver trap used to remove these animals from an area is the wire cage with a spring-loaded door closure system. These traps are usually baited with foods to attract the beavers.

Beaver Removal in Florence is our specialty! If you need assistance with your wildlife issue in South Carolina, give us a call today!

Beaver Removal Florence

Beaver removal is a complicated process, so it’s best to make use of professional wildlife services in Florence, SC instead of trying to do the Florence beaver removal job yourself. When dealing with your critter problem, you may encounter two types of wild animal control service providers. If the problem is due to an animal building their dam on your property, then it’s best to call someone who specializes in capturing animals alive so they can relocate them.

Trapping beavers

This is the most humane way to remove nuisance animals like beavers. Florence wildlife removal experts will set up traps in and around your property, with bait that only attracts these types of rodents, so you don’t have to worry about harming other species or pets if they get caught as well. Once trapped, Florence beaver removal professionals will relocate the beavers to a more suitable, less populated area.

Lethal control

This is when Florence pest control professionals will come out and kill animals in order to remove them from your property or chase them away. Be sure you know what type of rodent pests you’re dealing with before hiring someone for this wildlife work because it does not work on all types of critter problems.

The effects of beaver removal are different depending on what type you hire an animal control professional for and how they do it. If someone does lethal control, more animals may come back to your property because the food source is still available. Trapping beavers and relocating them causes less trouble than lethal control because there will be no more animals coming back once they’re removed from the area.

Wildlife Services

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Please take note that we do not provide removal service for your dog or cat problems. If you need them removed, you should your local or County animal services. However, if you have Florence wildlife problems like rodent infestation, bat problem, or animal waste removal, you should call wildlife pest control companies (like us!). We provide complete Florence wildlife control work from wildlife removal to attic cleanup and damage repair services.

Let AAAC Wildlife Removal of Florence deal with your wildlife problem quickly and efficiently!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you get rid of beavers humanely?

The best way to get beavers out of your property is wildlife trapping. The beaver trap is in the form of a box or crate that beavers enter. To set beaver traps, bait them with either vegetables such as carrots and apples, fruit such as oranges and strawberries, or fish like mackerel and herring.

Beavers are naturally attracted to dams, streams, and rivers so this is where you want to set beaver traps. To do this effectively make sure the beaver trap is large enough for beavers but not big enough that other animals can get in it as well such as otters. It takes some patience but beaver removal can be humane and successful.

If you need a beaver trapper in Florence, SC area we’ll provide the best beaver removal service possible. We use humane methods like live traps or cage-style traps instead of shooting these furry animals.

Can you legally kill a beaver?

It is legal to kill beavers in some areas in the United States. The beavers are classified as a pest and can be killed at any time of the year, without having to be able to justify it. People may find that they need beavers removed because their property has become infested with gnawing beavers who have caused structural damage. When beavers gnaw on a structure, they can cause wood to rot and also chew through electrical wires and power lines that cause fires. However, there are other wildlife control services that are more humane and effective like wildlife trapping.

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