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Bat infestation usually occurs from roosting in attics, eaves, and under the shingles. If it is not taken care of quickly, they will cause extensive property damage by urinating or leaving droppings behind. Luckily, AAAC Wildlife Removal has years of experience removing bats from homes without harming them. If you have questions or would like to schedule an appointment, call AAAC Wildlife Removal of Florence today!

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AAAC Wildlife Removal of Florence is a licensed and insured wildlife control business that has been serving Florence residents for over 20 years. Our wildlife experts are well-trained and equipped when it comes to removing wildlife from your home or business. Our Florence wildlife control services include bat removal, squirrel removal, raccoon removal, snake removal, skunk removal, beaver removal, coyote removal and even dead animal removal!

For your bat infestation, experts at AAAC Wildlife Removal of Florence will take care of the problem quickly and humanely. We will remove bats from your home through a method called “exclusion”. Exclusion is a great way to keep bats out for good and we will also seal off the area so they cannot re-enter your home or property through any other entrances. As part of our services, we will also remove and clean the bat guano left behind in order to ensure your family’s continued health and safety!

Bat Removal Florence

Your attic is one of the most important parts of a house to protect. There is no better feeling than having peace of mind knowing that you can return home and not have to worry about what may be waiting for you inside. However, your attic is often an ideal roosting location for bats. They love your attic because it they can live comfortably and raise their young safe from predators.

They can easily get access to your home through openings such as:

  • an open soffit vent
  • an unsealed chimney
  • your gable vents
  • gaps in roof eaves

Bats in the attic are something that should not be taken lightly, as bats can pose major health risks!

These critters are a major public health concern due to the numerous bat diseases that they carry. They leave lots of droppings behind which can cause stains and other problems with your home’s interior. Accumulated bat droppings (or also known as “bat guano) may also cause diseases like histoplasmosis when you breathe in its spores. So it is best to call the professionals at AAAC Wildlife Removal to help with your bat problem.

There are many methods and strategies for getting rid of bats but they all require some sort of expertise as well as equipment. The most effective method involves sealing off all openings in the home or building where bats may enter. A professional wildlife pest control expert will inspect your home and rid your home of its bat infestation using exclusion services. Exclusion is often used to get rid of bats from attics, which involves installing netting over where the entry points, creating a one-way exit for the bats. When they leave your attic to go hunting at night, they can never come back.

To keep your home safe, it is important to clean up bat guano and repair any damage caused by them. Attic insulation may need to be decontaminated and replaced in areas where droppings are found because of the risk of contamination by bacteria or mold spores. Other areas exposed to bat droppings may need deep cleaning and new insulation. Wildlife Damage Repair work is often necessary for attics after bats have been removed because of the risk of animal urine and other waste causes significant damage, such as by accelerating mold growth in damp areas.

For your complete bat removal service, call AAAC Wildlife Removal of Florence today!

Florence Wildlife Control VS Extermination

When dealing with unwanted wildlife, you will encounter either a Florence wildlife removal professional or a wildlife exterminator. These two service providers have different methods of removing wildlife from your property. Our Florence wildlife removal specialists use humane methods that remove the animal without killing them while exterminators will use poison or chemicals to kill the target animal on your property.

With a wildlife removal specialist, you will be making the humane choice. You will not harm your property or put your family at risk because we use humane methods to remove them from roost. Wildlife extermination on the other hand will resort to a poison that could also harm your family and pets around. Aside from being inhumane, the chemicals they use tend to make the wild animal thirsty so they will search around your property for water sources. This method can cause many problems such as triggering allergies or damaging property so relying on extermination to get rid of them is not a good solution.

A bat infestation is a serious wildlife problem that can be difficult to solve without professional help. That’s why it’s important to get the right bat removal service provider for your particular bat issue. For a humane bat removal service, call AAAC Wildlife Removal of Florence now!

Signs of Bat Infestation

A bat in your Florence home is not something to take lightly! It means that there could be one or more bats making their way into your living space, putting your family’s health at risk.

Here are some of the signs that you might have bat infestation:

  • You can usually hear noises and sounds at night as they fly around. Bats can be heard squeaking while hunting for food.
  • Droppings are a good indicator of the presence of bats. You may be able to spot them on your ceiling or in corners, behind furniture and appliances, under eaves and vents, inside chimneys, etc.
  • Bats can leave stains on ceilings and walls of their roosting area from urine or poop. You may see these dark spots on the surfaces near where they sleep or in the attic itself.
  • Their waste has a distinct unpleasant odor. As they hunt for food at night, you will detect also notice a musty odor due caused by bat excrement and urine.

If you’re not sure if there is wildlife activity in your attic but think it might be there, it’s worth taking the time to look around and see if you find any signs of wildlife. More often than not, there are droppings or urine stains that will be visible on surfaces in a residential attic where bats have taken up residence.

If you suspect bats residing on your property, call AAAC Wildlife Removal of Florence for an inspection!

Florence Bat Exclusion

Bat exclusion is a humane bat removal method that involves sealing off the bat’s access to your home or other buildings. This can involve installing netting, screening material, and expanding foam sealant around any gaps that bats use to enter or exit.

Our Florence wildlife control procedure begins by locating all the points that a bat can use to gain access to your home. After the entry holes are identified, we seal them up but leave one primary exit where one-way doors will be installed. This will prevent your bats from returning to your house after they leave to search for food in the evening.

Here’s just how we manage a bat exclusion project:

  1. Spend a LOT of time locating all bat access holes in your home
  2. Seal every one of the entry holes
  3. Leave an exit for the bats using one-way doors
  4. Make sure every bat in your attic has been excluded
  5. Take protective measures to remove all toxic bat guano from the attic
  6. Replace insulation (if necessary)
  7. Repair any exterior or interior damage

If left unmanaged for too long, bat colonies can quickly become large enough to pose a health or safety risk to the people in your home. If you live with bats, they may come into contact with your living spaces and transmit diseases like histoplasmosis.

Don’t wait until your bats take over your residence. For your bat removal in Florence, call AAAC Wildlife Removal today!

Florence Wildlife Removal and Damage Repair Services

Bat Guano Damage South Carolina

Bats are a really interesting animal that can cause some big structural damage to your home. Bats can enter an attic through a variety of means, including vents, the chimney, and gaps in your roofline. Once inside, they will typically roost in box beams or rafters above the insulation. This location allows them to be protected from predators during the day but is still close enough to access their exit points for nightly hunting trips outside. As they move from rafter to rafter, they may leave behind droppings and urine stains.

Bat guano is a problem not only in the home but also outside of it. It can damage buildings and structures such as roofs, windowsills, walls, etc. Bat droppings are corrosive and contain high amounts of ammonia that break down paint or other surface coatings over time. Bat droppings may cause toxic mold to grow on surfaces like your ceilings and walls as well because of the high amounts of moisture it contains. Additionally, bat droppings can cause allergic reactions in humans such as hay fever or asthma due to their pollen-like particles. Bat guano is not just a nuisance but can actually damage your home structure over time!

If you suspect that your house has been invaded by bats, please contact a professional wildlife control company for wild animal control as soon as possible. Give us a call now!

Attic Clean Up and Restoration

Attic Cleanout and Re-insulation South Carolina

The attic decontamination process is very important for any homeowner who has experienced bat guano coming in contact with their insulation or moisture contamination from a leaking roof, etc. because this can lead to mold growth as well as structural damage. An attic is a difficult place to clean because of the lack of accessibility and visibility. In many cases, attic insulation has been damaged by either mold or bat guano from bats in the attic coming in contact with the insulation. But once your attic has been cleaned of all bat droppings and repaired, it will be safe to enter again and use for storage.

The cleanup process should be handled by Florence wildlife control professionals who understand how hazardous it is when working with this type of material.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who removes bats from homes?

If you need to remove a domestic animal like a dog or cat from your property, you should call your Florence county animal services. On the other hand, if you need nuisance wildlife removal in Florence like bird control, bat control, raccoon removal, squirrel removal, skunk removal, snake removal, armadillo removal, and even dead animal removal, you should call a Florence wildlife control company (like us!).

Should bats be safeguarded in South Carolina?

Absolutely! Bats are an important part of the environment in South Carolina. Often, in just one night, a single bat can eat its body weight in mosquitos! It would be a dark day in South Carolina if we lost all of our bats. Can you believe that bats comprise almost 25% of all mammals living on our planet?

What is bat guano?

Bat guano can be found in attic, sheds, or barns where bats have taken up residence. The droppings are tiny and can look similar to mouse droppings. Yet, don’t be deceived. If you shine a flashlight on them after breaking the droppings apart (please use gloves!), you’ll see them shine or glimmer in the light.

Is guano harmful to people?

Be really mindful around bat guano (once again, gloves people!) as it can transmit a harmful fungal infection called histoplasmosis. You can inhale it just by being anywhere near guano, so we really suggest you let wildlife pest control companies with proper safety equipment take care of an attic clean-up.

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