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Nuisance wildlife are a common problem for homeowners. Whether you are living in an urban or rural environment, it's not uncommon to see rodents, squirrels, raccoons, opossums, birds, bats, and other animals roaming around your residence. In many cases, these animals can cause structural damage and even pose a health risk if they come into contact with your family and pets on your property. For your nuisance wildlife problems, AAAC Wildlife Removal of Florence is here to help. Contact us now for a consultation!

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AAAC Wildlife Removal of Florence is a state-licensed and insured company that has been in business for over 15 years. Our wildlife experts are well-trained to diagnose Florence wildlife problems and provide the best and humane solution for your specific wildlife issue. We provide wildlife control services like Florence bat removal, raccoon removal, skunk removal, bird control, opossum removal, snake removal, squirrel removal, and even dead animal removal!

Wildlife Removal from Attics in Florence, South Carolina

Your attic can be especially attractive for wildlife because it provides safe shelter from predators and the elements. In addition, attics offer plenty of nooks and crannies where wildlife like squirrels can nest without being seen or even heard.

Once wildlife gets into your attic, it may not take long before those same wild animals may start exploring inside your home to see what kind of trouble they can get into! However, wild animals will not just make themselves at home but will also cause damage to your property. They will chew on exposed wiring and make nests or dens in attics, chimneys, and crawl spaces. They will also leave droppings that are unsanitary pose a significant health risk to your family!

So it’s important to take care of wildlife problems quickly before it becomes an even bigger issue! It would be best to call our Florence wildlife control professionals to make sure that your nuisance wildlife is gone and prevent damage from occurring to your home or business.

AAAC wildlife control technicians will inspect for evidence of animals living on the property, locate all entry points, block them off permanently so they don’t come back. If you need wildlife removal in Florence, don’t hesitate to give us a call today!

Wild Animal Trappers

Wildlife removal specialists are the best option for any wildlife problem. They know how to handle different types of animals and can take care of any wildlife trapping problem that you might be experiencing in Florence, SC.

Many different types of wildlife can find their way into your home or business. Some are harmless but many are not and may be carrying diseases or parasites. In order to ensure that an animal is removed safely and effectively from your property, it is best to hire a professional instead of trying to handle animal removal on your own. Florence wildlife control professionals should be familiar with how to properly remove animals or you may end up with a worse situation and attract more unwanted wildlife into your business or home.

Experts at AAAC Wildlife Removal of Florence are skilled and trained wildlife removal specialists who specialize exclusively in nuisance animal control. We can also address all sorts of other wild animal problems such as bats in the attic, raccoons living under decks, sheds, etc., squirrels nesting in the attic, venomous snakes on the property – even pest birds that make nests in chimneys or vents!

We’ve been providing humane animal control services for decades and we’re happy to help! Our wildlife control services are full service: from humane trapping (including live cage traps) to exclusions, damage repairs, and clean-up on residential homes.

Florence Wildlife Control and Removal Services

Florence Raccoon Removal

Most people in Florence don’t even know they have a raccoon problem until this critter starts making their presence known inside or outside of the home. Signs include foul odors and odd noises at night. Raccoons are attracted to homes because they can find food and shelter there, which is why it’s important to take immediate action before they become a big problem. You may me in the market for Florence raccoon removal.

Raccoons will invade your Florence home to find food or shelter from the weather. These wild animals can enter the attic through through holes small holes in the roofline or eaves that they widen with their teeth and claws. Once they have settled in, they won’t hesitate to damage your property and leave behind droppings.

Raccoons are well known for damaging homes as they climb onto roofs, chew insulation on pipes under decks and houses, and tear up screen porches with their sharp claws. Aside from that, raccoon droppings are known to spread diseases that may pose health risks to your family and pets. To reduce or eliminate the risk from possible exposure, You need to know how to identify raccoon waste and what proper steps to take.

If you have questions or would like to schedule an appointment, AAAC Wildlife Removal of Florence is here to help! We will get rid of raccoons in your attic and clean up the waste they leave behind.

For your Florence raccoon removal needs, give us a call now!

Florence Squirrel Removal

Squirrels love attics because it provides a nice shelter with plenty of food options, including insulation material from your ceiling as well as any debris that may have fallen through the roof into your attic. Over time, squirrels, though cute and cuddly, can become a nuisance for homeowners due to droppings, noise, and the damage they do to your property.

Squirrels are talented break in artists, but it they usually prefer the attic. Florence squirrels can enter through holes in the roof and then nest inside your insulation. They also chew on screens creating a hole big enough to squeeze through.

If you suspect that squirrels are residing inside your home then contact a professional wildlife removal company that specializes in Florence squirrel removal. We have the experience you need to deal with these pesky little creatures.

For top quality squirrel removal in Florence, South Carolina, contact us now!

Rat Control Florence

Rats can enter your home through a variety of entry points, including unsealed vents (think dryer, bathroom, exhaust, etc.) as well as cracks in your foundation, open pipes, and more! They are very creative. Rats are opportunistic feeders, they can find nutrition almost anywhere in your home. They also need to chew constant to grind down their teeth (which never stop growing). This gnawing behavior puts your wood, walls, wiring and plumbing at significant risk! A small rat infestation left unresolved could result in a serious fire hazard or even flooding.

Rodents can pose a serious threat to your health. They spread disease through their urine and feces, which often end up on surfaces that your family members may touch. They can also contaminate food products with their droppings, so it’s important to keep your foods in a sealed container.

If you suspect you’ve got a rat, or need to know more about Florence Rat Removal, contact us now!

Florence Bat Removal

A bat problem can get out of hand quickly. Bats will typically enter your attic through unsealed attic ridge and gable vents, or any gap left in your eaves or soffit boards. Once inside, your bats will turn that attic into a toilet!

Bat guano (or bat droppings) will do a serious number on your attic. A pile up of these droppings is not just unsanitary (and trust us, it is!), but the ammonia in the waste and urine can eat through the rafters and floor of your attic, not to mention, it will completely ruin your insulation. The constant feed of moisture from bats pooping day in and day out will also incubate mold growth. Bat guano is a serious risk to your family’s health, and can lead to some costly home repairs to boot. If you even suspect that you have a bat infestation on your property, you’ll save yourself time and heartache by getting an expert in to take care of the issue.

For any bat problem that requires Bat Removal in Florence, call AAAC Wildlife Removal today!

Florence Snake Removal

Rats are not the only creatures who like to make their homes on your property. In fact, nature will try to help you with a rat problem…by giving you snakes!

Snakes typically avoid humans, and they will only bite if they feel threatened or cornered in their environment. It is important to stay calm during when you encounter one so that you don’t agitate the snake. They prey on small animals such as rodents, birds, and insects that are on residential or commercial property.

If you are dealing with a snake infestation then call us for professional help to get rid of them once and for all! Our Florence wildlife control professionals have experience dealing with all types of snakes in any environment.

For your snake removal needs, give us a call today!

Bird Control Florence

Birds might be nice in your yard, but as soon as they start congregating on your roof, or build a nest in one of your vents, their charm can wear off quickly. Birds trying to make their way inside your home can cause serious ventilation problems, as well as serious health and safety concerns caused by their droppings. If you have a bird control need, then you should strongly consider talking to the professionals!.

Pigeons congregating near commercial buildings can be the worst type of customer to have around. These bad boys can contaminate a storefront with excessive droppings and make your place of business appear very unhygienic. They also carry parasites like fleas and ticks; these are not only disgusting but also dangerous when carried into a populated space. That’s why it’s important to take action before it becomes a serious issue.

If you need bird nest removal or a commercial bird control service, our wildlife control specialists at AAAC Wildlife Removal of Florence are here to help!

Florence Dead Animal Removal

Dead animals on your property can lead to structural damage and give off an unpleasant smell that lingers for a long time. Besides attracting other pests, dead animals also produce dangerous bacteria as a result of decomposition. 

Dead animal removal requires specialized techniques and tools that can vary from job to job depending on the size of a dead animal, location, number of animals involved in an incident, etc. So you should consider calling a wildlife control expert to handle the dead animal removal process and completely decontaminate the scene of the crime.

AAAC Wildlife Removal of Florence provides custom wildlife solutions for every situation. Our Florence, South Carolina wildlife specialists are trained to handle any situation, large or small. We also offer professional cleanup and sanitation services that remove the carcass from your property as well as sanitize the area to eliminate odor-producing bacteria.

Call us at Wildlife Removal Florence today for more information about our dead animal removal service!

Damage Repair and Entry Point Seal Up

Wildlife on your property can do considerable damage to your home. They could cause damage to your attic, basement, roof vents, soffits, eaves, fascia boards, walls, windows, and more! The damage could be caused by a variety of wildlife including raccoons, squirrels, opossums, rats, and birds. Some of them might even chew on wires and pipes, drastically increasing your risks of fire and flooding.

If you have a wild animal infestation, it is best to call a wildlife professional knowledgeable about damage repair and entry point sealing services. In a damage repair job, it is crucial to seal up any points of entry so that no uninvited guests can ever get back inside. We are expert handymen and can restore any interior or exterior damage caused by your critters.

AAAC Wildlife Removal of Florence is happy to assist you with any wildlife damage repair problem you may have!

Attic Clean Up and Restoration

The attic is often neglected until a wild animal infestation becomes so bad that it has to be dealt with. This can lead to a lot of damage and waste in your attic. The droppings of rodents and insects can cause damage to the insulation in your attic. Let our wildlife control professionals clean out and decontaminate your attic so it doesn’t incubate bacteria, fungi, viruses, or mold spores.

Florence wildlife such as rodents, raccoons, opossums, and birds are not just a nuisance but they can also carry disease which could put your family and pets at risk. They can also cause horrible odors and stains on your ceiling and from inside your walls.

For a thorough clean-up of your attic or home, our attic restoration team is here to do it for you! Give us a call now.

What Makes Us the Best Florence Wildlife Removal Company for You?

We’ve spent the last 15 years building one of the most successful wildlife control businesses in America. We are:

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We are fully licensed and insured in the great state of South Carolina. We didn’t become the best by making our customers in Florence, SC anything but totally satisfied!

Frequently Asked Questions

Who exactly do I call for reliable animal removal services?

This depends on the animal that needs to be removed. If you have a domestic animal (dog or cat) that is in need of removal, you need to call your local animal control facility or Florence County animal services. On the other hand, if you need wildlife control services such as bat control, bird removal, skunk removal, rodent control, beaver removal, squirrel removal, and snake control, you should call a wildlife control company in Florence, South Carolina.

How do you get rid of wild animals?

The process for removing wildlife differs based upon the animal. Bats can be a problem and are often in need of removal from your house because they can cause a lot of damage to your house. Our Florence bat control service involves using exclusion methods to get the bats to leave voluntarily. However, for Florence squirrel removal and raccoon removal, it should be done via humane trapping and removal. Hiring the right company for your wildlife problem will save you time and money as well.

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